<p dir="ltr" text="很多的印刷着由于专业知识的不足,对于印刷的认识往往还停留在比较低的水平。他们把印刷当成一种非常简单的工作,其实在我们的图书印刷和画册印刷中有很多可以进一步节约成本的地方,下面我们就地这样的环节进行探讨,以便进一步增强我们的印刷品的市场竞争力。”>很多的印刷着由于专业知识的不足,对于印刷的认识往往还停留在比较低的水平。他们把印刷当成一种非常简单的工作,其实在我们的图书印刷和画册印刷中有很多可以进一步节约成本的地方,下面我们就地这样的环节进行探讨,以便进一步增强我们的印刷品的市场竞争力。济南印刷公司

Many print because of the lack of professional knowledge, for printing understanding often also remain in a relatively low level. They put the printing as a very simple, in fact, in our book printing and book printing has many can further cost savings, we place this link is discussed, in order to further enhance the market competitiveness of our print.


First, we start from the overall analysis of the printing, the book printing is a professional printing mode. So the general practitioners should understand and are familiar with the whole process from the plate to printing,for printing price and cost, we still need to have an accurate grasp of, so as to better analysis of the print job is it right? Have good prospects of gain. When we do the above work, we have to do is to fully consider theenterprise printing speed, which meets the needs of the printing paper, carries on the reasonable design, so it can save the cost of printing better.


Secondly, for the album printing, it is in many ways and book printing are the same. So we in the printing must be conducted before the hold and the overall design. One very important point is to paper opening has a reasonable planning and selection. When we started printing and design before, we must fully consider the problem. This is because if the opening of our design is unreasonable, it will produce a lot of scrap, which is very bad for our cost. So the prepress design is very important.


Finally, for the album printing such relatively high-end printing, bookbinding, also have a lot of skills. We should let binding look more beautiful and the atmosphere, so that it can better meet the diversified requirements of customers.